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Empowering parents to take control of video games and technology 

SuperParent is a digital media brand for modern parents raising the next generation of video gamers and technology fans. Our mission is to keep parents in the know about video games, tech and gaming culture, while empowering you to make smart decisions on how gaming fits into your family’s lifestyle.

Look for original reporting on trending topics, info on your kids’ favorite games and expert parenting advice on everything from staying safe while playing online, to buying the right tablet, PC or console, to finding great family games for everyone to play together. Whether you grew up gaming, or you and your kids are discovering games at the same time, SuperParent has got you covered.

SuperParent's Editor-in-Chief is Libe MG Ackerman, a longtime games and technology journalist and children's television executive. At Nickelodeon, she was the Senior Director of Creative Strategy, Content Director for Animation and Editorial Director for Nick Games. Prior to that, she was the Editor-in-Chief of AOL's Games.com and GameDaily, and a frequently quoted expert in media outlets including The New York Times, NBC, ABC and CNN. Back in the 1990s, she founded one of the first websites for women gamers, the legendary GameGal.com, and today she can be found tracking down shrines in Breath of the Wild or playing Pokemon Go with her son in their Brooklyn neighborhood. 

Do you have questions about games and tech and how it fits in with your family? We've love to hear from you! E-mail Libe here or follow her on Twitter @libeackerman.