Best Indie Games for Kids

These not-yet-released indie games are sure to be a hit with all ages.

Big-name studios like Nintendo aren’t the only places making great games for kids. Independant, aka indie, developers have also been responsible for excellent family fare. Yes, just like there are indie movie studios, indie music labels, and indie book publishers, there is a thriving indie game scene that is responsible for some of the most exciting games currently on the market.

SuperParent has highlighted a handful of the most exciting indie games that are coming soon to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Steam (PC), and mobile.

Pode (Nintendo Switch)

Pode is a beautiful cooperative puzzle-platformer game that is built around exploration and friendship. It’s equal parts challenging and approachable, allowing parents and children alike to sink into the experience with ease. It’s the story of a little rock (Bulder) helping a fallen star (Glo) find its way home by travelling through the inside of a magical mountain. Each character has its own abilities that help the two travel through levels together. It’s great to play with a small child, who can wander off on their own and make things grow and delight in dancing in the grass, while you switch between the characters to solve puzzles and move the story forward.

Pode will be available on the Nintendo Switch, but has no announced release date at this time.

Sleep Tight (Nintendo Switch, Steam)

Childhood is a whimsical time — a time where you can save the world from monsters by building forts and defending your base with nerf guns. We Are Fuzzy’s Sleep Tight took this concept and built an entire game around this very premise. There are two phases to Sleep Tight that players will experience: daytime and nighttime. Daytime is where you make preparations — reinforcing your fort, buying ammo, getting health powerups, etc. — for the evening’s incoming monsters. The aim of the game is to survive long enough to push the monsters back and survive for another night.

It sounds like an intense game for smaller children, but because Sleep Tight’s graphics are reminiscent of Pixar’s Monster’s Inc., it’s meant to be more cutesy than spooky. Sleep Tight will be available on the Nintendo Switch and Steam on July 26.

Wattam (PlayStation 4)

There are games that have friendship elements to them, like Pode. But Wattam, a game from the creator of Katamari Demacy, is a game entirely devoted to making friends. Initially, you play as a very sad Mayor of Wattam. Wattam doesn’t really have friendship. The Mayor is very lonely. He doesn’t know what to do with himself. But then, he makes one friend. That friend helps him make more friends, who then help him to make more friends. Before you know it, Wattam is full of friendship, community, and whimsical creatures holding hands to, you guessed it, make more friends. Wattam can only be described as a strange beauty whose message is sorely needed in this increasingly disconnected world.

Wattam doesn’t currently have a release date, but will be available for the PlayStation 4.

EarthNight (PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Steam)

EarthNight is a hand-painted endless-runner about “the dragon apocalypse.” You get to play as a 14-year-old high school girl and a freelance photographer as they to fight to save the world from these dragons. You’ll skydive through space and land on a dragon, which you’ll run across, defeating the baddies on their scaly backs and gathering power-ups to help you defeat the dragon you’re trying to traverse. If you’re successful in your journey to the dragon’s head, you’ll defeat the dragon and have the chance to try your hand at the next one. EarthNight is a very difficult game, but the controls are simple to grasp and it isn’t like any other endless-runner out there.

EarthNight will be available on PlayStation 4 in 2019, with later releases planned for Vita and Steam.

Qinoto (Steam, iOS, Android)

Qinoto is a paper-folding puzzle game that encourages looking at the world in a very different way. Players “fold” the screen using either touch or mouse clicks to reveal the real image underneath. It’s the video game version of a paper fold-in, akin to what Mad Magazine has been doing for a number of years in their print magazine. Qinoto is a zen-like experience that is equal parts adorable and chill. Bonus points for demonstrating the importance of spatial awareness, too.

Qinoto will be available in 2019 on Steam, iOS, and Android.