Pokemon Go July 13, 2022 Raid Hour: Everything You Need to Know

This event will feature Zapdos!

Pokemon Go’s next Raid Hour event will take place on July 13, 2022 from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. local time.

During this event, more Tier-5 Raids will appear at Gyms than normal. These Raids will feature Zapdos, the Electric- and Flying-type Legendary Pokemon from the first generation of the Pokemon universe.

Each time players defeat Zapdos in a Raid, they’ll have the chance to encounter Shiny Zapdos. Shiny Zapdos is a slightly darker color than normal Zapdos.

Normal Zapdos (Left) and Shiny Zapdos (Right); Source: SuperParent

If you’re interested in learning about Zapdos counters, check out the Zapdos Raid Guide on Pokemon Go Hub.

Following this week’s Raid Hour event, two more of these events are scheduled to take place in July 2022. Moltres will be featured during the Raid Hour event on July 20, while Dialga will be featured during the Raid Hour event on July 27.

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